Make Use Of Our IT Solutions

If you are tired with the usual companies offering IT services then check out why Heartland IT puts customers first.

We handle medium and small business solution packages. This includes telephony solutions as well. We also can install and prewire any building to specified requirements.

With over 7 inhouse trained professionals we are on call 24/7 for those needing emergency IT services. We keep our wait time for on-site service calls down to 15minutes in most cases excluding holidays.

Our friendly team will make you feel at ease if you have any issues that need quick solutions. Visit our reviews page to see what some of our customers are saying about our work.

  • October 15, 2014Local PC repair education and customer appreciation day with snacks and drinks.
  • January 24, 2015Conference with small businesses wanting to improve their IT services.
  • March 12, 2015Education day for parents at the Sandberg center across from Walgreens on 5th street.